The Treadmill Advantage: Save Time, Train Smarter, and Become a Better Runner – HIIT Workout Program

The Treadmill Advantage: Save Time, Train Smarter, and Become a Better Runner

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Treadmills are Awesome

The treadmill is trusted by coaching legends, elite runners, and Olympians. If it is good enough for them, it is safe to say that it is good enough for everyone that runs. This knowledge is important because sometimes people have a negative connotation about treadmills that can cause a person to doubt the effectiveness of their workouts. Nobody wants to work hard while having a nagging question in their head, “Am I wasting my time by not running outdoors?” Fear not. This modern-day device is the real deal and can help you achieve your running and fitness goals.

Key Factor

In chapter seven, learn a key factor to prevent unknowingly training at the wrong pace on the treadmill. As you may already know, most books and online training programs use past race performances to determine paces for the different types of running that make up most plans. Instead of mistakenly using the wrong speed and effort, you will learn a technique that makes following these pace-specific training plans a joy on the treadmill; not to mention, very helpful.

Recent Customer Reviews

“…full of precious information and I highly recommend it to both novice or experienced runners!”

“Fantastic read.”

“…a well thought out book with lots of great ideas for both a novice or experienced runner.”

“I loved it and will apply what Pete has shared from his experience and knowledge to become a stronger, faster runner!”

“Well worth the read for anyone that runs or is considering running.”

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