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Tabata: Masakryczne Pompki / Real Tabata Workout: Push-ups

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{“en”:”Hey, Arek here I hope You are warmed up already if not, do a warm up! because Tabata without warm up is’t a good idea… we will be doing REAL TABATA that means: only ONE EXERCISE today’s exercise are push ups push ups are really good exercise beacause push ups develops every muslce in our body if you can’t do proper push up yet, abandon this video learn push ups when you will be very good with push ups then you will be ready to do push up Tabata with me:) so, as you can do push ups now I will remind you proper push up technique it looks like that hands slightly wider then your chest when you do push up, your chest go down to the ground it can touch the floor slightly and up here you inhale and when you push exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale when you will be doing Tabata with me it will be very, very hard for You (and me to 😉 for this reason, in the end of the exercise you propably won’t be able to to any proper push up don’t bother important is to try all the time when you will be unable to do classic push up like that do push ups from your knees but don’t stop, do it all the time! when even knees push ups will be impossible for you just try, try to push! because it is very important to give everything from yourself for 20 seconds we will do together 8 series every serie lasts 20 seconds for 10 seconds we are resting it is not importat at what phisical level you are now you will be exhausted for sure! I use Hard Fox Tabata application to do Tabata this look like this it count’s time for you 20 seconds of effort, 10 seconds rest it is available for android and widows phone you can use it if you want of course when you are trainging with me I’ll tell you what to do so, let’s begin! first rotate your arms forward rotate arms backward 12 seconds to go stretch your chest you will be resting on the ground 🙂 5 seconds 3 2 1 start!!! I’m counting for myself.

Do as many push ups as you can! stop! we’ve got 10 seconds of rest it is very little we begins second serie your MAX! START! do as many push ups as you can in 20 seconds don’t stop until I tell you to! 5 seconds more, you can do it! STOP! 10 seconds you can lay on the ground it is starting to be hard 2 seconds, 1… START! 6 second left don’t give up! 2 seconds STOP! we are resting 3 2 1 START! your max tempo! max intensity STOP! rest we’ve done half of the exercise already half! we have to to other half let’s begin, START! 5 seconds 1 second and STOP! REST you can lay, rest don’t move 2 seconds, one START! this is Peri my hairless peruvian dog 🙂 2 seconds, withstand! STOP! rest 2 series to go! only 2 series and it will be end 3 seconds 2, 1 START! don’t give up! Try to do it! 6 seconds 3 2 1 STOP! last serie to go! 10 seconds rest now, give everything is left! maximum tempo! START!!! this is REAL TABATA! 3 seconds 2 seconds keep down! CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 🙂 🙂 it was 8 series if you’ve done everything you’re cool 🙂 if you’ve done 4, 5, 6 series don’t bother! if you’ve done everything you could you can be proud of yourself, because Tabata is really, really hard training in the end we will stretch our muscles I know you are exhausted but do it anyway.

Rotate hands forward I know it pains but you have to do it backward your will be less sore later if it is your first PUSH UP TABATA you will be every sore for sure on your chest, arms, triceps forward stretch your chest to the sides, like this and something I call “disco” 😉 roatate, right arm forward and left arm backward simultaneously change change it was TABATA PUSH UPS as Tabata you can train also: squats jumps skip A traditional sprints I encourage you to try that other variations but, now REST! bye! remember to subscribe :). “}

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