Judo Workouts – 6 Judo Circuits That Will Sky Rocket Your Heart Rate – HIIT Workout Program

Judo Workouts – 6 Judo Circuits That Will Sky Rocket Your Heart Rate

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It is essential that the workouts you are completing in your fitness and conditioning are were made towards Judo. Judo fights are usually 5 minutes in length and you need to be match enough to be able to fight hard with regard to five minutes, have 5 minutes off after which fight again. Therefore your coaching should be something very similar to this.

Here are 6 circuits designed especially for Judo. These circuits will significantly increase your cardiovascular fitness quickly.

Metabolic circuits

Metabolic circuits are designed to simply damage you metabolically. This simply means all of us get a particular muscle group and another minute of work on it. When the muscle is on the brink of failure we change to another part of the body and repeat.

I chose to do 7-10 minute metabolic workouts.

Metabolic circuit 1:

1 minute bodyweight squats

1 minute drive ups

1 minute skipping

1 minute chinups

1 minute shuttle runs
1 moment scooping push ups (Hindu drive ups)

1 minute sprawling

Have a five-minute rest and repeat another two rounds.

Metabolic circuit 2:

I minute chin ups
1 second squat jumps

1 minute skipping

1 moment farmers walk (walking holding dumbbells)

Have a five-minute rest and replicate another 2 rounds.

Metabolic signal day 3:

15 deadlifts

15 drive ups

And then Repeat 14, 13, 12, etc ., all the way down to one repetition.

Circuit 4: Tabata intervals

A Japanese sports scientist Izumi Tabata studied and came up with the Tabata interval training system.

It is pretty easy training session:
5 minutes warm up

20 seconds of a particular exercise in 100% effort (as hard while you can)
10 seconds rest

Repeat eight times

2-5 minutes cool down

You might do Tabata intervals with:
Burpees, Sprints, Sumo Deadlift high draws or Skipping (if you are a great skipper).

Running circuits
There are usually times when you cannot get to the gym or even only have a skipping rope along with a pair of shoes. If this is the case these types of next two workouts are fantastic.

Running circuit 1

Skipping 200 times

Sprint 200 meters

Repeat for 20 minutes

Running signal 2

This workout is great if you have only a pair of running shoes and nothing else.
Run 1500 meters (or if you don’t understand how far you are running-run for six minutes)

5 mins Rest

Repeat for 2 even more rounds

Run 1000 meters (4 minutes 30)

Run 500 (2 minutes)

Repeat two more rounds

If you add these types of workouts as part if your cardiovascular coaching you will feel the benefits on the Judo mat

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