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How regular massages can improve your health

Posted on April 23, 2017 By

Most of us would love any excuse to take some time out to be pampered with a relaxing remedial massage. Because there is no doubt that a good massage can feel soothing and fantastic, but did you know that massages do so much more than just relax tense and tired muscles? They actually help support your health on many levels, both physically and mentally.

Here are 10 reasons (excuses) why you should have a regular massage!

  • Massages help to relax and loosen contracted muscles as well as stimulate weaker muscles, bringing balance to your musculoskeletal system.
  • Massages increase blood land lymph circulation, which improves your body’s ability to excrete waste.
  • Massages increase your blood’s oxygen capacity by around 10-15%.
  • Massages stimulate nerves within your body that supply your internal organs and can improve blood supply.
  • Massages help release tension and strain stored in your muscles from stress or injury.
  • Massages speed up the recovery of muscle from any fatigue caused by exercise.
  • Massages improve the function of oil and sweat glands in the skin, which is vital for cooling the body as well as removing waste.
  • Massages help to balance your nervous systems.
  • Some studies suggest that massages can help increase the excretion of salt, nitrogen and inorganic phosphorus which suggests that they actually work to increase your metabolic rate.
  • Taking time out to relax and focus on you, reduces your stress levels which in turn supports a healthy heart and mind!

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