Bully Busting 101 Part 3: Strength Training – HIIT Workout Program

Bully Busting 101 Part 3: Strength Training

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The highschool or office bully preys on the weaker individuals. By getting bodily stronger, you’re much less of a goal and extra outfitted to guard your self. Martial arts coaching is just not sufficient. Your physique must be stronger to coach laborious and keep away from damage.

I stumbled throughout this exercise again within the late 70's. It was the primary time in my scrawny life that I made noticeable enchancment inside two months. The down facet is that it is just good for about 6-Eight weeks earlier than the physique turns into stale and it’s a must to progress to a different exercise routine.

It is a 6 day cycle and, I child you not, solely takes 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

DAY 1 and four

Cleans 10 reps 5 units

Overhead Press 10 reps 5 units

The Barbell Clean is likely one of the Olympic model lifts. If you don’t have any expertise or are a newbie, begin out with simply the empty bar. Stand together with your ft shoulder width aside. While bending your knees and maintaining your again straight, grasp the barbell with an overhand grip such as you would do in a lifeless raise. Straighten your legs till the barbell is about thigh degree.

Bend your knees slowly after which, utilizing the drive out of your hips, yank the barbell upwards whereas flipping your fingers beneath the barbell. The bar must be resting in entrance of your neck, in your upturned fingers, together with your elbows out in entrance of you. Just just like the entrance squat place.

Then decrease the barbell again to about your knee degree.

This is similar to lifting a sandbag or a field onto a chest-high counter or shelf. You should rapidly hoist the load from thigh to chest degree as you modify your grip to get your fingers beneath the article. If you aren’t certain of this motion, get some competent assist.

Seated Overhead Press is a navy press from the separated place. No resting the burden throughout your shoulders between repetitions. Strive for good approach. The sitting place minimizes dishonest. The weight ought to solely be lowered till your arms are parallel to the bottom (not just like the diagram) earlier than urgent the burden again overhead.

If you are feeling a pinching-type of ache behind your shoulders, you will have a really brief quantity of inside rotator muscle tissues. In which case, press the bar bell in entrance of you. Better but, simply use dumb bells. (A lifeless disclose to shortened inside rotator muscle tissues is when the particular person's arms are hanging relaxed and their knuckles face ahead as an alternative of outwards.

DAY 2 and 5

Upright rows 15-20 repetitions Only one set of every train

Bicep Curls 15-20 repetitions

Tricep Extensions, palms up 15-20 repetitions

Tricep Extensions, palms down 15-20 repetitions

Only 15 seconds between workout routines. This is essential to not let the muscle tissues totally get well between units. (You will need to ensure that all the weights or machines can be found for this arm exercise, in order that there shall be no interference.) With the foremost muscle tissues labored the day earlier than, these high-rep workout routines give the arms extra of exercise and definition. Once you’re completed you’re completed. Maybe heat up and funky down with some belly workout routines, however don’t over do that a part of the exercise. Each train is carried out in good kind to failure.

These arm workout routines may also be carried out with rubber cables and comes.

Upright row is carried out by holding the barbell (or dumbbells) in an overhand grip, barely nearer than shoulder width aside. Raise the barbell to in regards to the degree of the collar bone earlier than decreasing the burden. (If you’ve rotator cuff issues, substitute lat pull downs or bent-over-rowing for this train.)

The bicep curl must be carried out together with your again to the wall. This method, you reduce the danger of decrease again damage or dishonest on the motion. No resting on the high or decrease portion of the train. Use an EZ curl bar if accessible.

Tricep Extensions ("nose-breakers") are carried out whereas mendacity in your again on a bench. Hold the barbell straight out out of your physique. Keep your higher arms regular, when you decrease your forearms in direction of your brow. Do not fairly contact your brow earlier than straightening your forearms. One set together with your palms towards you and the second set together with your palms away from you.

DAY three and 6

Squats 1 set of 30

Run 1 to six kilometers (6. to four miles) proper after the squats. You will really feel wobbly at first. But, it is best to really feel stronger by the second or third third week.

The squat is a superb power and stamina builder. Keep your again flat and ft flat on the ground. Only bend your knees in order that they’re simply above your toes and your thighs parallel to the ground. Start with out weights and later add a lightweight weight or empty bar. Some individuals lack the flexibleness and have to start out with a brush deal with.

Strive for good approach fairly than lifting heavy. Start with an empty bar or about one third of your physique weight.

With weight throughout your shoulders, inhale on the way in which down and exhale on the way in which up. Some lifters take a deep breath whereas standing, maintain the breath, squat after which exhale on the way in which up. The logic is that holding the breath momentarily makes the physique extra steady. Use with warning if you wish to attempt one of these respiratory.

At first you’ll have to pause between a number of repetitions. After awhile you’ll be able to carry out 30 continuous repetitions. This can have you huffing and puffing very quickly. If a bully tries to chase or struggle you, he / she’s going to run out of breath earlier than you do. (Then it’s pay again time.)


You should relaxation to permit your muscle tissues to get well and strengthen.

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