All About HIIT Training – HIIT Workout Program

All About HIIT Training

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What is HIIT?

So what is HIIT? HIIT stands for higher intensity interval training. HIIT is a way of working out in which you alternate reduced intensity moderate training for more intensive driven training. High intensity teaching usually has less rest between sets, and you are often working from more intense levels, however it will be lifting more weight than you' lso are usually accustomed to, or sprinting tougher than you would normally. Before you feel fearful of HIIT, although the workouts are performed intensely, you actually exercise for less time, and burn more calories compared to you would work out at a lower strength levels of intensity for hours on end. A typical example of HIIT would be to sprint because intensely as you can for 30seconds, plus walking for 1 minute. Doing exercises in this matter has been clinically proven, to burn more body fat, and build more muscle, a lot more quickly than low intensity workouts, or cardio.

What would be the benefits of HIIT TRAINING?

Applying HIIT, is truly the most effective way to work out. Some of the benefits of HIIT training are usually: Promotes HGH production (human development hormone), boost metabolism, improves power and stamina, improves overall health, encourages fat loss, and improves insulin level of sensitivity, are just a few of the benefits of HIIT Training. One of the greatest advantages of making use of HIIT, is known as the after burn off effect. Which is also known as EPOC (excess-post exercise oxygen consumption). This is when you increase your metabolism and use-up more calories for up to 24 hours after teaching. This can only be achieved through HIIT. Low intensity training will not trigger these affects.


You can integrate HIIT into your workout in many ways. It all depends on the goal that you are seeking to achieve. Please keep in mind however , that will although HIIT is the most effective method to burn fat and build muscle, it is far from a miracle routine! It is vital which you provide your body with the correct diet, especially when performing such intestinal programs. But, as I stated above, using HIIT really depends on your targets.

If your only trying to lose weight, you may want to begin with high strength sprints two or three times a week. I would recommend carrying out: 10reps of 30second intense sprints, with 1 minute rest between each rep.

If you' re not fond sprinting that you can do a series of exercises in which incorporating HIIT. For example: I would do:

  • High knees 30secs
  • Squats-30sec
  • Burpees 30 secs
  • Push-ups 30secs
  • Floor sprints 30secs
  • Planks-30secs

Make sure to perform each exercise returning to back. After you have performed the particular 6 exercises, that is considered your own 1st round. I recommend that you do 2-3 rounds of the above exercises. This will be very exhausting and you may feel like giving up, but dont! Intensity is the point after all. After every round you can rest for one minute. Even if you are just trying to lose weight I recommend incorporating weight workouts at the end of the routine, depending on your level of fitness, or on your off days.

HIIT can be applied to weight training too

If your looking to create muscle and strength I would recommend a person alternately between compound exercise, plus isolation exercises. Compound exercises are the most effective way to lose fat and build muscle tissue simultaneously, because you are using more than one muscle tissue group. Examples of compound workouts are:



Shoulder Press

Power Cleans

Bench Press

There are other compound physical exercise you can many other compound exercises you are able to apply. The above are just a couple of. A good routine could combine squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses. You can apply HIIT by maintaining your rest levels real reduced like 1-2 minutes, and shifting from one exersie to the next back to back again. At the end of the exercises you are able to pick one muscle group to separate. You may want to consider doing, biceps, triceps, or even chest. Although, individually I would isolate a chest on the day where I do the along with press, perhaps by incorporating, chest lures with dumbells, or dips.

Please keep in mind that the routine that the things i have outlined is not written within stone. The purpose of the routine over is to simply give you an example of the way to incorporate HIIT in all your teaching. There are a bunch of sites that provide free information on specific routines which you can use and apply HIIT more effectively, therefore doing some research can be very helpful. Anyway, im sure you can see now exactly how HIIT is definitely the most effective way to train, and also to see rapid results! I hope that article, has inspired you to turn into a better, healthier and stronger you!

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