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8 Minute ABS and ARMS HIIT | Quick UPPER BODY Strength Workout

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Hey Killer Bs It’s Pahla B from PahlaBFitness.com and on tap today I’ve got a great eight minutes of abs and arms. You are going to need access to either a couch or a sturdy chair today and when you’re ready for it I’m always ready – Let’s go! Alright you guys, come on down on the ground, we’re going to get right to it. The first thing that we’re going to do is left side Side Cruches. So we’re going to be in a left side plank, and we’re going to be crunching that hip up and up.

I’ve got my handy-dandy GymBoss here set for one minute intervals. Well, not exactly. Okay, I have my Gymboss set for 55 second intervals. With a five second transition, because some of the positions that we’re going to get into today just take a couple of extra seconds. So, we’re going to do this for 55 seconds, and I know you’re thinking to yourself, “Ahh, that means that the next minute is going to be the other side.” No. We’re actually going to do two exercises on this side.

So, we do actually get five seconds of rest for these first two exercises. We’re going to do these side crunches here, and the next one minute interval we’re doing is Side Scoops. So, still in this side plank position, but scooping our arm all the way down, trying to thread that needle. Getting that elbow on the ground. We do get five seconds of rest in between, though. You’re doing awesome! We’re taking this at a pace that you can sustain. For the whole minute. That might be real fast, might be kinda slow, it might be anywhere in between. Five seconds of rest! Re-adjust your shoulder if you need to, then we’ve got one more minute on this side with Side Scoops. So you’re rolling it over and reaching it up. Trying to get that right elbow all the way on the ground. So really twisting through the middle there. This is a spinal twist, you should really feel this in your obliques. Of course, at this point, I’m also feeling it in my shoulder! And my butt! Nice and controlled. This one’s a little bit slower than the Side Crunches because we’re really making sure that we get that full spine twist.

And really trying to make sure that your hip stays up high enough that you’re in a side plank position, but not so high that you’re in, like, a weird side pike. This should feel like a real good challenge. Make sure that your elbow is directly underneath your shoulder. If it’s further away from your body, you’re actually putting a little bit too much stress… Five seconds to get onto the other side! If it’s too far away from your body – Side Crunches again, so hip comes up, up, up.

We don’t want to put any extra stress on that shoulder joint. Now of course we want the shoulder muscles to do the work, and that’s why we position it so that it’s right underneath, our elbow, rather, is right underneath our shoulder. That way, the muscles are getting the work, but the joints and the tendons aren’t doing too much work. Now you probably already guessed, that we are going to do both of those exercises again on this right side. So, after these Side Crunches, we are going to do Side Scoops, and we will get that five seconds to rest in between. Pushing that hip up as high as you can. And not going too low. We don’t want to get the hip all the way down on the ground. We’re going from side plank to a higher position, not from the ground up to a side plank. Really feeling that crunch and that squeeze all along the bottom here. And five seconds of rest. Before we do Side Scoops.

Here we go! So, up, and then scoop it over. And up. And scoop as low as you can. Really trying to get that left elbow now on the ground, right next to that right elbow. Getting a nice, full twist. Keeping your hips nice and stacked. When it beeps again, we are going to need that couch. I told you we were going to need a couch or a heavy chair today. The next thing that we’re doing is… Well, they’re kind of like regular crunches, except they’re a little bit more difficult, because we’re not just doing a little bit of a crunch, We’re trying to have, well, we’re going to have our feet on the couch, but we’re also trying to reach the couch.

Trying to touch the couch. Which is a little bit deeper than just a regular crunch. When it beeps we’ve got five seconds to get into that position, so hopefully you are close to the couch, or that heavy chair. So, feet up on the side of the chair. Just like this. And we crunch it up and reach for that couch! you might need to be – like me – a little bit closer to the couch. I just realized I was a little bit too far away. And crunch it up. And crunch it up, you’re doing awesome! Take this at a pace that you can sustain. There we go. I would like you to get your head all the way on the ground in between. I know lots of times, people do crunches, and they just stay up – crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.

That’s okay, too, but it’s actually a little bit harder, inertia-wise, to get your head up and your back up off of the ground. So I like to go all the way down, each and every time. Really thinking about reaching with those arms. That’s where the crunch is coming from, not from your neck. When it beeps again, we’ve got five seconds to put our feet up on the couch! We’re going to do Decline Pushups. So, hands on the ground, feet on the couch. Set your own challenge. Wherever your feet are on the couch determines how difficult these pushups are. So, if you need a little bit of a modification, you could, for example, have your knees on the couch. And I’m not trying to do a ton of pushups here. These are tough! As long as you’re able to maintain that plank position in between, don’t worry about doing a hundred pushups here! Obviously, I’m not going to get more than about ten or fifteen of them done! But thinking about keeping your body in a nice straight line.

When it beeps again, we’ve got five seconds to get all the way down on the ground. We’re going to do Walk the Planks. Which means that from a plank position, we’re going to walk our hands and our feet. Great job! So we’re going to walk our hands and our feet to the sides. So, step. And step. And then step back the other way, and step.

I don’t have a whole lot of space here, so I’m actually only going to take about two steps in each direction. You are welcome, if you want to, to walk all the way across the room! As long as you can get back to where you started. You want to make sure that you go, more or less, evenly between each leader hand. You guys, this is minute number seven already, by the way. Which means that the next minute is our built-in Finisher. The toughest thing. We’re going to grab our hands underneath that couch, And we’re going to do Leg Lowers plus a Reverse Crunch. That means that we’re going to get our hips up off of the ground. Awesome! So, on your backs. With your hands underneath the couch. Legs are straight the whole time, going to raise them up, and then UP.

And then lower them slowly. Tap your heels. And then up, and up. Lower them down slowly. Tap your heels, this whole movement is controlled, don’t want you to just flinging your legs in the air or flopping them down on the ground. Take your time with these, we’re not doing a ton. The next time it beeps, is the last time it’s going to beep! This is our last minute. And control it down. And that was it! Awesome! Oh my goodness.

Okay. For future reference, now I know, It takes eight minutes or less, to be drenched in sweat! That’s really good to know. You know? I really hope that you and your abs are feeling that burn, and if you did enjoy our eight minutes together, If you have any questions, or need modifications for any of these exercises, please feel free to leave me a comment.

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