5 Minute Toned Arms Workout (BICEPS, TRICEPS & SHOULDERS!!) – HIIT Workout Program

5 Minute Toned Arms Workout (BICEPS, TRICEPS & SHOULDERS!!)

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{“en”:”Okay, you guys! Get ready for my five minute arm workout. Okay, you guys! We’re going to do a five minute arm workout. Let’s say you’re short on time, in between a lunch break, just something super-fast. You can use as much weight as you want. We’re going to be doing 10 different exercises, 30 seconds, no rest in between. So I would probably not go super heavy unless you want to be an animal, you can do it. Okay. Have our weights, as soon as I hit that timer we’re just going to go for it. 10 different exercises. We’re going to hit biceps, triceps, every part of the shoulder; we’re going to really hit it out of the park today. Okay, here we go. There goes my timer. We’re going to start with a bent over curl. You’re just going to have a slight bend in your waist and you’re just up and down, full range of motion with that curl.

Full 30 seconds. So if you need to go slower, that’s okay. It’s actually a little bit better on that when you’re lowering it. So we’re just kind of sitting back through our heels to protect our back, and we’re just lowering and raising these. Okay, we’re going to go right into tricep extension. We’re staying low, we’re kicking the tricep up toward the dumbbell, toward the ceiling. Really hitting those triceps. 30 seconds. You’re probably going to feel this in your legs a little bit, too. Which is always s a good thing. Okay. So our next exercise, we’re going to go right into alternating overhead press. Just up and down, pushing up toward the ceiling, giving a nice, straight back, full range of motion bringing it all the way down, all the way up. Standing on one leg is an option. It’s my thing. I try to work on balance as much as I possibly can.

Next we’re going to go into hammer curls. All right, right into hammer curls. So this, you’re just changing the position of your curl. Instead of traditional curls, you’re just bringing the weight up straight. All the way up. All the way down. Next we’re going to hit shoulder with some lateral raises. Widen your stance, right into your lateral raise. Slight bend in your elbow, and you’re just raising your elbows up toward the ceiling. Think about good breathing while you’re doing this. Next we’re going to go into front raises. You can either do the raises together, or alternate your raises.

All right. So with these, you have the option of alternating, or bringing them up together. A little tougher when they’re together. I’m just going to raise, lower. Think about a little bit slower as you’re lowering the dumbbell down. Controlled. Next we’re going to go into alternating bicep curls. Now we’re going to alternate. Before we did them together, now we’re just alternating. All the way up, all the way down. Next we’re going into tapping overhead raises. We’re going to hit shoulders with that.

Good job, you guys. Keep breathing. All right. So here you’re just going to bring the dumbbells together, tap at the top, tap at the bottom. Tap at the top, tap at the bottom. After this we’re going to go into bent over flies for the backs of our shoulders. Yeah, these are going to start burning. Oh, boy. All right. Bent over flies. Straight back, just keep a slight bend in your elbow, and we’re just hitting the backs of the shoulders. Next we’re going to be hitting plank tricep extension for our last exercise.

Hit those triceps again. We’re down on the ground, we’re bringing it up, kicking up, down. Up, kick, and down. If you have to be on your knees you can do that, too. Here, down, and up. Think about keeping your hips closed off. All right, you guys. That is our workout. We’re going into our last 30 seconds of rest. If you want to make this a two-rounder, 10 minutes workout, get to it as your next 10 exercises. All right. Nice, balanced workout hitting biceps, triceps, every part of the shoulder. Super-fast, no excuses to not get this one done, you guys. Five minutes. Hey, hit that like button, subscribe, and leave me a comment. Let me know how many rounds you guys did. Check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com for all your nutrition needs, and I look forward to seeing you guys soon.. “}

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